Development Programmes

Street Athletics

Street Athletics is an event were athletics happens on the street it was founded by Hezekiel Sepeng former 800m Olympic Silver medallist , its main Goals is to promote athletics in communities, identify Talent, opportunity to participate and inspire the new generation.

Street Athletics concept is to close off roads where prospective athletes can run in the streets of their homes,/communities as opposed to having to travel distances to get to venues with facilities.

Athletes – under-13, -15 and -17 – will contest across the 50m, 150m, 300m and 500m distances and the top three fastest times in each category are  invited to a specialized camp where under the guidance of Hezekiel are trained on different aspects of becoming an athlete.

The program will run on quarterly basis allowing as much as 3,000 kids to be exposed per annum, thus culminating in over 15,000 kids exposed over the five year period.

The program will also incorporate week long summer camps where educators will get an opportunity learn Technical officiating and Coaching of Athletics.

Development Programmes

Makonde Falcon Academy

Makonde Falcon Academy was founded in 2014, too an enable for athletes from the rural communities to get opportunity to participate in athletic at provincial, national and international level. Joining an academy system is a wonderful opportunity for any young athletes. Our main objective is to ensure that athletes should expect the quality of training, coaching and the all-round experience to be outstanding through  two development  tiers Fhatani Development programme and Bono Elite Programme.

Fhatani Development Programme

This programme is for athletes that are on the Training to Compete of the athlete developmental pathway. The athletes enter this stage if they have chosen to specialize in one sport and excel at the highest level of competition possible. Athletes need to commit to high-volume and high-intensity training throughout the year. Instruction in topics such as nutrition, sport psychology, recovery and regeneration, injury prevention, and injury management also become very important. Formal competition becomes more prominent in annual periodized training, competition and recovery plans, and includes major national and international events.

Bono Elite Programme

This programme is for athletes that are on the Training to Compete and Training to Win of the athlete developmental pathway. These athletes will have individually tailor all training and competitions (periodization) to learn to how to peak for selected competitions; and to utilize multiple periodization to optimize training and competitions to peak for major events/competitions. In addition they will also be provided with the following:

  • Technical and tactical strengths and weaknesses
  • Medium‐ and long‐ term training plans
  • Medium‐ and long‐ term competition plans

Use of sports science and sports medicine to support and enhance performance